1. If Rangga had not gone to a movie last night, he      met Cinta

          a. Wouldn’t have       c.  Would have

b. Couldn’t have        d. Could have

2. If the Korean Badminton team had played well, it      beaten Indonesia team

    a.Couldn’t have            c. Would have

    b. Could have               d. Wouldn’t have

3. If you had      , you would have passed the exam

    a. Study hard                c. Studied hard

    b. Studying hard            d. Studying

4. If it doesn’t rain, I           shopping

    a. will go                   c.Will not go

    b. Would goes             d. Will going

5. If you came home earlier, I         a cake

    a.Wouldn’t make        c. Will making

    b. Would make          d. Will make

6. I           graduated if I had studied hard

    a. Wouldn’t have         c. Would have

    b. Couldn’t have          d. Could have

7. If I have the money, I        it to you

    a. Will give                 c. Wouldn’t give

    b. Will giving               d. Would give

8. If Lolita had slept before midnight, he       late this morning

    a. Wouldn’t hasve been         c. Wouldn’t have

    b. Would have been             d. Would have been

9. You would succeed if you         hard

    a. Work              c. Worked

    b. Working          d. To work

10. Your calls        if you had replied her text message fast

    a. Wouldn’t have ignored     c. Wouldn’t have been ignored

    b. Wouldn’t have ignore      d. Wouldn’t have been ignore

11.        your money wisely, you will lose all of it.

   a. If  you don’t invest         c. If you don’t invested

   b. Unless you invested        d. If you do invest

12. If the student had got enough sleep, she       difficulties in reading the                         material.

   a. Wouldn’t have faced        c. Wouldn’t have face

   b. Wouldn’t has faced          d. Wouldn’t have face

13. Your sister        to you if you don’t stop yelling at her

    a. Won’t being nice              c. Won’t be nice

    b. Wouldn’t be nice              d. Would be nice

14. The hotel front desk clerk       you special price room rates if you don’t ask

    a. Wouldn’t offer             c. Would offer

    b. Will offer                    d. Won’t offer

15. Your parents wouldn’t be angry if you          to them.

    a. Didn’t lie                c. Didn’t lay

    b. Don’t lie                 d. Don’t lay

16. If you       earlier, you could have saw the beautiful sunrise.

    a. Have woken up           c. Had woke up

    b. Have woke up            d. Had woken up

17. My sister feels uncomfortable if someone      eye contact with her

     a. Make             c. To make

     b. Makes            d. Making

18. If I had gone with my parents five hours ago to our villa      

     a. I was not alone right now   c.  I will not be alone right now

     b. I am not alone right now    d. I wouldn’t be alone right now

19. If he had played well, he          won the game

     a. Would have        c. Wouldn’t have

     b. Could have         d. Couldn’t  have

20. If you have enough time,        your room before you go to school.

     a. Please cleaning          c. Please clean

     b. Pleased clean            d. Please cleaned

21. She would have understood her English teacher if she       slowly

     a. Speaking               c. Spoken

     b. Had Speak             d. Had spoken

22. If today were Sunday, we        to the beach.

     a. Could go                c. Couldn’t go

     b. Could gone             d. Could have gone

23. If he were more confident during the interview, he     the job he wanted

     a. Might have been           c. Should have

     b. Might have                   d.Shouldn’t have

24. If we had known her, we                 to her

     a. Would have talked           c. Would have been talked

     b. Wouldn’t have talked        d. Would have talk

25. They                 their bag if they had left it in the hotel

     a.Would have been lose        c. Would have lost

     b. Would have been lost        d. Would have lose



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